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Submission Guidelines

(Current as of 1 Jan 2014)

Author Submissions —
Chevron Books Inc. is looking for well crafted works that capture the imagination — works that grab and sustain the reader's attention. Chevron Books Inc. does not accept previously published works or any submissions to which the author does not own the rights.

Before publication, Chevron Books Inc. will Copyright (©) the final work in the author's name.

Artist Submissions —
Chevron Books Inc. invites artists to submit works that are intended to become, supplement, or inspire a book. These artists are promoted through Facebook, Twitter, and other media outlets, are given their own Artist page, and may be Featured at chevronbooks.com.

Well lit high-resolution photographs (6mp or higher) or scans (1200dpi or higher) of the artwork is preferred. Chevron Books Inc. might be able to provide photographic or scanning services for your artwork. To inquire about this possibility, send an email to the submissions address below.

Common Requirements

All submissions and inquiries should be sent via email to submissions2014@chevronbooks.com. Chevron Books Inc. prefers email for all communications. Unsolicited phone calls may be cause for disqualifying your current and future submissions.

A literary agent is not required for an author or artist to submit his or her work to Chevron Books Inc. If the author or artist is a minor, Chevron Books Inc. requires the submission to be provided by either a literary agent or the minor's legal guardian.

All submissions must include the following:

  • A short biography of the author or artist
  • A short desription of the work, including target audience
  • The submitted work

    Project Specific Submissions:
    The requirements for each project are listed on our Artist Call and Facebook pages.